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Sea Kayaking 
Saint Anna & Gryt Archipelagos

Trip Overview

This is a wild kayaking expedition – you'll quickly find yourself far away from civilisation

completely surrounded by water and wilderness. Thousands of islands, almost all of them

uninhabited…you feel free, it’s as simple as that.

This spectacular archipelago is a magnet for sea kayakers, a true wilderness experience.

These sheltered waters are a perfect place to learn sea kayaking and after some basic

instruction we will set off on our journey. Instruction will continue throughout however this

will not distract from our exploration.

We will travel as a self-sufficient group, carrying all our food and equipment.

At a Glance

Campsite & wild camping

2 days training

Rest day

4 days expedition

Group normally 5 - 8 per leader

Trip Highlights

St. Anna archipelago, with all its islets and reefs, is a delight to experience with a kayak.

Whether you are a novice or experienced paddler, it's a great way to get closer to nature

and island life. Paddle out into the beautiful archipelago and enjoy peaceful surroundings.

Stop at a small island and take a cooling dip in the sea.

St. Anna is considered by many kayakers as one of the world's finest archipelagos for kayaking

and outdoor life.

Is This Trip for You?

This week is designed for complete beginners.

Come and join us and enjoy the sense of freedom and the spirit of discovery.

This trip may be suitable for persons of reduced mobility. Please contact us to discuss

the trip and your personal condition.

Scroll down for an outline itinerary

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Outline Itinerary

Day 1 Travel

The group will travel independantly to the campsite

Onward travel to Valdermarsvik by bus or train.

Day 2 & 3

Intro to the environment and kayak training

The aim for the first couple of days will be to introduce you to the sea kayaks and equipment.

After going through the basics we will start exploring the islands and

narrow channels close to the campsite.

Day 4

Rest day

Days 5 - 8

Start of four days sea kayaking expedition

After a full day journeying we will find a suitable spot and wild camp for the night.

Each day will follow on for the last, our route will vary according to the weather and our

groups ability and wishes.

This is the joy of kayaking in this area, flexibility.

Day 9 Travel

Having arrived back at the campsite the previous night we will all head home.

More Info - Sea Kayaking Saint Anna & Gryt ArchipelagosSweden: Current Specials
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