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The Hebridean Way


The spectacular islands of the Outer Hebrides have always been a magnet for cyclists seeking quiet roads and a different pace of life.  As you wind your way past stunning white shell beaches here at the very edge of Europe, constantly stopping to visit an antiquity or watch eagles soar overhead, you will lose all track of time. 

Using ferries and causeways to hop between islands, this popular on-road route begins on the Island of Vatersay at the southern tip of the archipelago and ends 185 miles (297km) later at the Butt of Lewis lighthouse in the far north. You will get lungs full of fresh air and the scenery that subtly changes along the way is awe-inspiring.  In the morning you can be riding beside turquoise seas and passing flower-strewn machair, before heading inland through rugged hills made from Lewisian gneiss which is some of the oldest rocks in the world.  But there is absolutely no hurry. This is a journey to savour so take it steady.



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The Hebridean Way: Project
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