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Canoeing the Dordogne France


With its calm and clear waters ideal for canoeing, kayaking and loads of activities, the Dordogne River will leave even the most "ground-loving" people with a smile. So get ready to get wet!

In 2012, the Dordogne River basin was named a Unesco Biosphere Reserve for its outstanding setting and heritage. Boasting warm crystal-clear waters and a delicious blend of natural and man-made beauty, it's no wonder so many thousands of visitors flock to the region in search of the perfect holiday in the sun.

The Dordogne is one of France's main rivers for canoeing and kayaking, offering umpteen first-class sights within a stone’s throw of the water. Its 130 mile long itinerary is framed with walnut orchards, rock-sculpted villages, fields of sunflowers, eye-popping views and stone fortresses that patrol the cliffs above.


15th - 21st July 2024

Canoeing the Dordogne France: Current Specials
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