Cross-country Skiing

 Dalseter Norway


Nordic/Cross country skiing is a sport that often stands in the shadow of its bigger brother,alpine skiing, but is very popular in the Alps and Scandinavia.


Nordic skiing is not only one of the healthiest winter sports out there but is also a fantastic way to glide through the snowy landscape and enjoy the absolute peace and quiet seldom found on ski pistes. This 7-day trip (5 ski days) in Norway is designed to teach you the basics of Nordic skiing and whilst some previous skiing experience is helpful, it is not essential as this trip is primarily aimed at novices. Nordic skiing is not only a fantastic way of staying fit but it is easy to learn, meaning that even beginners will soon be out exploring the trails.

17th - 23rd February 2020 - Fully Booked

15th - 21st February 2021


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