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Sea Kayaking 
Saint Anna & Gryt Archipelagos


Saint Anna & Gryt truly are treasures among treasures. This seventy kilometre remote stretch of the Baltic coast is incredibly untouched with six thousand islands and islets in a maze. You get to be an explorer in this amazing coastal wonderland, and you’re free to paddle and camp wherever you like! Kayak through narrow passages and clusters of islets, find an island, set up camp, cook a nice meal and enjoy the sunset. A feast for all your senses

Paddling and camping here is a fantastic treat for all your senses. And you’re surrounded by beauty – the blue sky reflecting in the water, sailing boats far off in the distance, idyllic old houses that invoke a feeling of a time long gone. The solitude and sense of freedom is hard to put into words, it has to experienced!


12th - 20th August 2024

Sea Kayaking  Saint Anna & Gryt Archipelagos Sweden: Project
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